via VK2RTS Television Repeater located at Lawson, Sydney Australia

                                                                                             Input Frequency: 1250MHz FM
                                                                                            Output Frequency: 446.500MHz))-DVB-T
                                                                                             Liason Frequency: 147.325MHz FM +600KHz Input Offset

The ATV repeater is controled using the voice Repeater with DTMF tones.
Tones [1] then [2] activate the repeater with a picture output on (446.500MHz))-DVB-T through  40 Watts Mosfet PA.  
If a valid picture is not detected on the repeater input then it will display a test pattern on the output. The timeout for the test pattern is hour.
If a valid picture is detected, the repeater will automatically switch to the incoming signal.
Tone [3] Shuts down the ATV repeater.
Tone [7] Toggles the test pattern.
Tone [8] Toggles between weak signal mode and the test pattern.